Arrows Up

Arrows Up provides the best last-mile containerized bin-to-blender proppant delivery solution.   The patented system eliminates the need for pneumatic trucks, increases turn times, reduces demurrage and virtually eliminates crews’ exposure to silica.    Operating efficiencies are achieved.   Delivery costs are reduced.  Safety standards are surpassed.

Our system does not require specialized transportation equipment.   And we understand that not all hydraulic fracking jobs are the same.   Therefore, as an independent operator, Arrows Up offers service packages that are completely flexible and customizable.   The a la carte service offerings start with just a simple bins and riser leasing program and go all the way up to including all of the equipment and personnel that are required to get the sand from terminal to the blender.    We call it Sand Made Easy.

A bin-to-blender proppant delivery solution that saves you time and money.

Why Arrows Up

  • 90% faster than pneumatic unloads
  • 10x as much proppant on location
  • 300x reduction in exposure to silica dust
  • Market leading bin capacity