The Whole Mile Logistics Solution

Last-Mile Transportation Solution

Utilizing a bundled solution eliminates the need to secure various carrier agreements to get your proppant to the well head. ShaleTECH Transport, delivers scalable capacity, quality drivers, support personnel and logistics management that will dramatically reduce demurrage and non-productive time at well head. Never before has it been easier to get proppant from terminal to well head.

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  • Removes the customers need to coordinate trucks and sand delivery
  • We manage your trailer and proppant inventory for increased operating efficiencies
  • Our track and trace technology  t allows us to effectively manage transload activity with a high-level of visibility
  • ShaleTECH Transport sand coordination additionally reduces NPT and demurrage

Sand Chassis’ Leasing Options

The Arrows Up proppant delivery solution does not require specialized equipment. However, utilizing our fleet of custom sand chassis’ will delivery max pay load, reduce delivered costs and increase efficiencies.

  • Lower tare weight allows for max loadout
  • Fewer truck trips improves efficiencies
  • Less demurrage increases cost savings
  • Increase capacity for a payload of up to 50,0000+ lbs. of proppant
  • Capable of carrying up to two empty bins on return trip