Sand Bins for energy industry

The end-to-end supply chain solution creating cost saving efficiencies.

The WHOLE MILE Solution.

OmniTRAX Energy Solutions (OES) delivers scalable, cost-cutting mine-to-wellhead supply chain services through its network of terminals and railroads servicing the Bakken, DJ, Eagle Ford and Permian basins and many of the largest mining areas. Arrows Up, provides a patented last-mile containerized bin-to-blender proppant delivery solution to oil and gas field services and exploration and production companies in the energy sector. Whether your transloading, proppant delivery or transportation requirements are large or small, OmniTRAX Energy Solutions delivers cost-effective services and solutions that meet your operational needs and budget.

Get a birds eye view of the Jumbo XL bin on display at the Equipment Expo October 23-24.

If you don’t get a chance to see us at the equipment expo we will be in booth #9/10 at the conference October 25-26.

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