Simplifying the Delivery and Storage of Sand

Innovative Technologies

The Arrows Up solution reduces non-productive time, demurrage costs and silica dust exposure.
  • Gravity fed solution eliminates the need for conveyors
  • Semi-custom trailers designed for additional operating efficiencies
  • Automated gate control and remote controlled discharge
  • Modular bins allow for flexible, scalable inventory on well pad
  • Highest capacity and lowest tare weight in the industry


Sand is loaded into the Arrows Up Jumbo or Jumbo XL bins at terminal, regional mine or transload facility. The bins have an industry leading capacity of 43,000+ and 50,000+ lbs. per bin for increased payload.


The bins are transported by truck from point of origin to well pad utilizing standard transportation equipment, or Arrows Up semi-custom trailers.


Bins are offloaded at the well pad and either stacked for storage or placed on the riser for immediate use. The offload process typically takes less than 5 minutes. (The average pneumatic unload time is 45 minutes)


Bins are loaded onto the riser and proppant is gravity fed (no conveyors) into the blender, significantly reducing exposure to silica dust. The riser bin configuration allows for up to three different proppant types to be loaded simultaneously. The automated gate allows for total control of proppant selection as it is directly fed into the hopper. Up to 33,000 lbs. of sand can be discharged per minute.


Bins can be stacked for a smaller footprint on the well pad. Sand use is averaging between 300,000 – 350,000 lbs. per stage. The Arrows Up bin provides a completely scalable solution, allowing you to store up to 2.5M lbs. of proppant on the same footprint as two pneumatic trucks.

See How it Works

Please watch our short video to learn more about our innovative system.